From the comfort of my sofa

I just like to read! There is no greater pleasure than a peaceful house and a good book. I will read most genres but not sure I have the imagination to really "get" some science fiction and fantasy.

Absolutely brilliant!

The Darkest Secret - Alex Marwood

Wow, what a book!

I was gripped by this from the very beginning and it didn’t let up until the last page, and even then I was left reeling.

The plot is both familiar and terrifying, it is after all every parent’s worst nightmare and there are many books that focus on a missing child. BUT, what made this different is the portrayal of the key players – vile, selfish, appallingly behaved and truly despicable and quite realistic to boot! The mix of these characters with the siblings of the missing child trying to piece together the events of their childhood just gives a fascinating look at a dysfunctional group of people.

The pace is just superb, page turning and gripping, sad and upsetting and all the while building to the ending that even though you see it coming just leaves you with a hand across the mouth moment of horror.

Just incredible, it will take some book to knock this one from my top books of the year (and it is still only January)