From the comfort of my sofa

I just like to read! There is no greater pleasure than a peaceful house and a good book. I will read most genres but not sure I have the imagination to really "get" some science fiction and fantasy.
This Is What I Want - Craig Lancaster

I love Craig Lancaster's books and while this one took a little getting into, it didn't disappoint. One of the strengths of this author's writing is his ability to build complete characters and this book has a lot of characters, each chapter being given over to a character's perspective. It took about one third of the book before I really got to grips with everyone and their stories. However, once I had it all straight in my mind I found the book to be emotional and interesting. I have been left with a very clear image of the town of Grandview in my head and a real understanding of the characters. As a study of a short period of time in a small location focused on several characters this was near perfect. I assume the ending will be one you either love it or hate and I loved it! I don't want to give it away but I love the fact that life just goes on ...