From the comfort of my sofa

I just like to read! There is no greater pleasure than a peaceful house and a good book. I will read most genres but not sure I have the imagination to really "get" some science fiction and fantasy.
Little Black Lies - S.J. Bolton

This is an absolutely gripping, emotional, dark and compelling story.   The setting is the Falkland Islands, somewhere I know very little about, but it feels realistic and I hope people with more knowledge about the setting would agree.  The writing is brilliantly paced and the description of life in an isolated community is wonderful.

The story is told in three parts – from each of the main characters’ viewpoints and this makes for a gut-wrenching read.  Each of them is well developed, well rounded and bring the reader through the full gamut of emotions.  A very satisfying read with enough twists, a brilliantly intricate plot and some quite shocking moments.  The only reason that I didn’t give this five stars is that I thought the ending was a bit too convenient.

I can see this being a huge hit as a summer read and I will be recommending it to everyone I know for holiday reading  – just don’t take your eyes off your children for too long!

Many thanks to NetGalley who allowed me to read this in exchange for an honest review.